Call for Papers

(Rome 2003)


In many parts of the world, especially in non-English speaking countries and regions, dubbing and subtitling are everyday encounters and, in fact, a way of life. In the context of economic and information technology globalization, the demand for and the scale of dubbing and subtitling are ever increasing. However, even as information and entertainment programs become more available and in demand, academic and professional communities alike have largely ignored studies on dubbing and subtitling.

The second ICODS conference thus aims to assemble again scholars, professionals (particularly those from the business community) and other interested parties to explore the horizons of dubbing and subtitling in theory and practice, to discuss and confirm the possibilities of co-operation between business and academia, and to investigate and ascertain, from a wider perspective, the relevance of dubbing and subtitling to the theory of translation studies.

Organized by:
- Associazione Culturale ¡§Beato Angelico¡¨ per il Doppiaggio,Italy
- Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

With Support from :
- Ministry of Culture ¡V General Management for the Cinema, Italy
- Libera Universita degli Studi S. Pio V, of Italy

And the Patronage of:
- Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Italy
- AITI ¡V Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti (FIT),Italy

Time June 3-7, 2003

Venue Libera Universita degli Studi San Pio V and a theatre

Papers June 3-7, 2003

Discussion Sessions: "Meet the Professionals"
June 3-7, 2003
(Showing of movies, with the presence of their directors and/or producers, and a final round table discussion among professional translators and academics from around the world).

Suggested Topics
¡E The practice of translation and adaptation for dubbing and subtitling
¡E Language sciences and philosophic hermeneutics - translation as a paradigm of the dialogue among different cultures
¡E Vocational training in audiovisual translation and adaptation
¡E Co-operation between industry and academia

Conference Languages
English, French and Italian (In order to facilitate communication, English is preferred when presenting papers.)

Registration (Please fill in the attached Registration Form)
If you wish to present a paper at the conference, please send an abstract of around 300 words before February 15, 2003 to:
The 2nd International Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling in a World Context (Rome 2003)
Ufficio Attivita Formative - Libera Universita degli Studi ¡§S. Pio V¡¨
via delle Sette Chiese, 139 ¡V I-00145 Rome - Italy

(The Conference Organizing Committee will review your abstract and inform you of the deci-sion in March 2003. Your completed paper is expected before April 2003.)

Hotels and locations near the University. Detailed information will be sent to you after the re-ceipt of your application form.

Telephone +39 06 510 777 231
Fax +39 06 510 777 264

Organizing Committee (Rome)
Professor Sergio Patou-Patucchi (Chief Organizer and Coordinator)
Professor Vittoria Lo Faro
Professor Antonella Ercolani
Dr. Cristiano Nicoletti
Ms. Raffaella Sala (Executive Assistant)

Organizing Committee (Hong Kong)
Professor Evangeline S.P. Almberg
Professor Chan Sin Wai
Professor Gilbert C.F. Fong (Chairman)
Professor He Yuanjian
Professor Serena Jin
Professor Li Defeng
Mr. Lee Kim Hung
Professor Tung Yuan-fang
Professor Lawrence Wong
Mrs. Rosaline Li (Executive Assistant)