International Conference of Dubbing and Subtitling (ICODS)

Circular No. 1
2 November 2001

Dear Friends,

1. Here it is, fresh from the computer, the mailing list of conference participants. If you still remember, we decided to set up an ¡§International Conference of Dubbing and Subtitling¡¨ (ICODS) at the farewell dinner. I presume everyone on the list is included. The Department of Translation at the Chinese University is happy to be the headquarters and contact point. (Remember too, we welcome anyone who wishes to join.)

2. This is the 1st of the ICODS circulars. We hope to send out circulars to our members once in a while. The circulars will include personal, academic, professional, conference information and others, even job opportunities. Hopefully you will find them useful and interesting. So please do send us your contributions and we¡¦ll post them up for you.

3. We will publish a proceedings volume. Please polish up or revise you papers and send them to me. We¡¦ll also include your talks at the Roundtable Discussion, as I think they are very informative. (These include the talks given at the ¡§Dubbing and Subtitling in the World¡¨ and ¡§Meet the Professionals¡¨ sessions.) So please write up your talks and send me the written versions. The deadline is December 1, 2001.

4. Sergio and I talked about holding the second ICODS conference in Rome in 2003. We¡¦ll keep working at it and let you know if anything develops.

5. Call for papers from Yves Gambier. (see attached file)

It was wonderful meeting all of you at the conference.

Do remember to send news items to Alice to include in our next circular.

All the best!

Gilbert Fong