International Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling (ICODS)

Circular No. 3
6 June 2002

1. Corinne Imhauser informed that the 4th International Conference and Exhibition: Languages and Media is going to be held in Berlin, Germany from December 4-6,2002. The conference is supported by ESIST and EST among others. Corinne Imhauser is one of the Steering Committee members. Anyone interested can visit the conference website:


Please hurry if you want to present a paper.

2. Dubbing and Subtitling Courses
Mario Paolinelli writes: ˇ§We've (AIDAC) prepared two formation courses and they're in progress with three Italian universities, and we're working to activate an European one.ˇ¨
And Claire Tsai of Chang Jung University, Taiwan says she is teaching subtitling courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

3. Sergio Patou-Patucchi is still working on the upcoming ICODS conference. We will inform all our friends as soon as we have more news.

All the best!

Gilbert Fong